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How Vastu for House can brings Positive Energy into your house

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The blog article emphasizes the importance of maintaining a positive energy flow in our homes for mental and physical well-being. It highlights how negative energy can impact our lives and relationships, causing stress and anxiety. Through the principles of Vastu Shastra, the article suggests simple tips to create a positive environment at home.

These include keeping the space clean and clutter-free, maximizing natural light, incorporating soothing music, choosing vibrant colors, and utilizing pleasant fragrances. By implementing these tips, readers can transform their homes into uplifting and harmonious spaces conducive to happiness and peace.

We all know “Home is where love resides, memories are created, friends and family belong and the laughter never ends”. Our home is an essential part of our life. It is the place where we spend most of our time feeling safe and secure. What we expect out for an ideal home is that it should be calming, comfortable and rejuvenating.

But what if your house is full of negative energy? Then this home space can cause an adverse effect on your mental as well as physical health. We cannot see energy but we can certainly feel it and the energy our home emits often reflects the emotional state of its inhabitants.

Not only does the negative energy affects your overall personality but it also contributes to disturbances in your family relations leading to a huge amount of anxiety and stress.

Even if positive and negative energies will continue to exist but the key to lead a happy life is to limit the amount of negative energy. So it becomes very important to remove negative energy from your space to restore harmony and peace in your life as well as in the lives of your family members. And Vastushastra is one such valuable and an ancient field which helps us to build upon a positive space ensuring the continuous flow of positive energy in our house.

positive energy with vastu for house

Basically, vastu involves the interplay of various forces of nature which involves the five elements earth, water, fire, air and wind. These elements influence the lives of people and thus maintaining its equilibrium is foremost and that’s what vastu teaches us. Following vastu shastra and applying Vastu Tips in your day to day life can bring a detectable good change which you can definitely notice and the icing on the cake is that they are quite simple.

Applying these simple tips while deciding upon your home decor can play a vital role in bringing positive energy to your residence. Not only does your home needs to look elegant but it also needs to reflect back positive vibes.

Some of the tips by Vastushastra which can bring about positive energy in your house are

Clean and clutter free space

Walking in to a clean and organized home itself brings about the sense of relaxation whereas if we walk in a home which is dirty and unorganized we feel displeased and irritated. Maintaining a clean and clutter free home is the first and most important vastu tip for bringing positive energy in your space. It helps to maintain the flow of positive thoughts.

clean house, vastu for house

Unwanted or broken things should be removed from time to time as well as the items which are not required by us in our daily life must be stored properly in a closet/ drawer/cartons which helps in keeping our house clean and organized. Because giving your home a breathing space is a must so that positive energy can flow through it.

Letting in the glory of the sun

Sun rays are believed to increase the amount of positive energy in our house at the same time wiping away the traces of negative energy. So according to vastu having a home with good natural lighting is a must so that an abundant amount of sunlight enters your home proving to be a good ventilation system for it.

Feel it with music

Music is something which we all enjoy. May it be the songs we listen to or even the sound of the chirping of birds it makes us feel calm and pleasant. When we use wind chimes or bells in our house they keep the negative energies at bay.

The music of the tinkling or the sound of the bells breaks the pattern of negative energy disrupting it and promoting the flow of positive energy. Even if you don’t have it at your home you can play some classical music instruments too which also serves the same purpose of that of the wind chimes and bells and brings about the same results.

Colors do the magic

Even if the colors enhance the aesthetic beauty of our house its selection depends upon our personal choice or style. We may not realize that it affects our inner self and eventually affects our mood.

house color, vastu for house

Light colors dampens the flow of positive energy in our house eventually stimulating the flow of negative energy whereas bright colors bring up  the positive vibe in your space and you certainly feel the flow of good energy. The vasty tips of Colors imbibe energy in your surroundings balancing your mind and body in this process.

Fragrance is in the air

Fragrance itself helps in soothing your mind. The calmness it brings in your environment is what we can feel. When we have bad odour around us we cannot concentrate on good things. It makes us feel displeased so fragrances are a good way to highlight the good things in your surroundings.

They also serve the purpose of warding off negative energy influencing it to disappear. So making your surroundings fragrant but in a appealing way helps you bring positive energy to your house. Incense sticks, aroma candles and air fresheners serve a good purpose for this process.

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