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10 Vastu Tips to maintain Positive Energies around you!

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“Positive anything is better than negative anything”- Elbert Hubbard

The blog article provides insights into enhancing positivity at home through Vastu Shastra, an ancient practice with the help of amazing Vastu Tips. It outlines 10 practical tips to cultivate a harmonious environment, including decluttering, using vibrant colors, optimizing entrances, strategic mirror placement, embracing natural light, incorporating soothing music, utilizing salt for purification, integrating indoor plants, utilizing fragrances, and orienting furniture towards the north.

By implementing these Vastu Tips for house, readers can create a positive and uplifting atmosphere in their homes, promoting well-being and happiness for themselves and their families.

Having a positive attribute is very essential in our life. Not only does a positive attitude helps to cope up with our everyday scenarios but it also helps us to boost up our confidence level to a great extent bringing optimism to your life.

It is a state of mind worth developing but if imbibed in your overall surroundings it can change the attributes of our life bringing in constructive changes not only in your life but also in the lives of others around you. Follow here the best Vastu Tips for Positive Energy.

A place where we spend most of our time besides our school or college or office is definitely our HOME. So bringing in changes to your home space is what we need to do to maintain a positive aura around us and Vastushastra is one such ancient field that exactly gives us tips for maintaining positive energy around you.  So here we present you 10 Best Vastu Tips for house to maintain Positive Energies around you, these Vastu tips will surely help you in gaining positive energy in your life, have a look-

Best Vastu Tips for Positive Energy & your vastu complient house

1. Clear the clutter – A very first Vastu Tips

Very first & initial of 10 Vastu Tips is to Keep your home clutter free is very important. Keeping it organised and clean makes you feel calm and relaxed. The presence of broken, burnt,  unused or unwanted things like old newspapers, broken items or empty cartons should be removed on a regular basis as all these things restrict the flow of positive energy and can also lead to conflicts and disagreements within the family.

Once you start removing all these things from the home space you may be able to experience the change for yourself.

2. Bringing out the vibrancy of colours

One of the important vastu tipes is using light colours/ white are mostly preferred by people in the home however adding some colour to it can play a pivotal role in bringing positive vibrations in your space. Colors play an important role in bringing balance to our body and mind. In case of selection of colors in home try to be specific as a selection of certain colours stimulates energy in our space and influences the mind of the people residing in the house. Remember this important vatu tips.

3. The entrance towards positive energy

The door towards positivity for your vastu compliant house is your entrance door itself. Your home entrance attracts the flow of positive energy in your space so it should be welcoming and free from any type of obstructions such as shoes, dirt/garbage or any sort of plant pots kept too near the door. Vatu tips on entrance is very important to implement to have a vastu compliant house..

Vastu tips for main door

Also, make sure to keep no window near the main door or any door opposite to it or else the energy will flow out immediately. The entrance door should open clockwise and not outside as it pushes away energy out of the house. One of the significant points which many people don’t have an idea about is the threshold of the house. Every house should have a threshold(umbra) on the floor, at the door frame as it keeps away negative influences outside the door.

4. Hold up a mirror at home

Mirror may look like a small object to you but it’s significance in vastu is not known by many. It is believed to bring positive results as well as negative ones if not placed accordingly. In the case of the bedroom, they should not be kept facing your bed as it seems to affect your health as well as sleep.  

Vastu Tips, mirror at home

Place them in such a way that you cannot see the reflection of the bed in it. Also avoid keeping it facing the entrance of your home as it reflects the energy outside it. Place a mirror opposite to your locker as it is believed to increase wealth definitely only after you are earning it…Lol

5. Bask in the glory of the sun

Having the energies of all the five elements of nature is a very important element of vastu for the house. Amongst all the five elements Agni is a crucial element that influences our life. Sun is the main source of natural light and therefore its exposure in our house is salient.

Sun rays are believed to enhance positive energy all over your house along with eradicating negative energy. They also bring over strength and vitality to your health. So while having a home make it a key point to have free indoor spaces from where abundant sunlight can come through.

6. Adding a rhythm

Music from wind chimes, bells or musical instruments break the cycle of negativity and bring in the free flow of energy. The soothing music brings in prosperity as well. But hanging wind chimes and bells in the bathroom can drain out your wealth too so avoid hanging them there.

Even if you have no musical instruments or bells in your house you can play music on your music system which also can serve the purpose.

7. Just a bowl of salt

According to vastu salt is very auspicious. It can be used all over the house and should be kept in the corners as it emits cosmic energy and absorbs negative energy. Keep it with a bowl of water and ensure to change it regularly.

vastu tips salt bowl

Don’t throw it away anywhere and see to it that it doesn’t spill or touches water sources in our house. Flush it down the toilet or drain in the sink. The salt which is once used should not be used again.

8. Nature does the magic

Every house should have a good number of plants or a small garden. But if you live in apartments you have an option of indoor gardens. Giving it a natural touch with some rocks and stones will give you the feel of being close to nature. The green color of nature is a symbol of peace and tranquillity.

When you sit amidst nature it soothes your mind and soul and reduces tension and anxiety to a great level. So this is something you should definitely do in your home to experience the magic of nature.

9. The inviting and pleasing fragrance

Most important of 10 Vastu tips, is pleasant aroma of incense ward off bad energies and helps to spread calmness in the surroundings. Incense sticks, aromatic candles and air fresheners are some of the options which can help to make your home feel more inviting.

It’s better we go “North”- Whether we are sleeping, studying or working we should always face towards the north direction. This direction has a better flow of energy so aligning towards this direction can definitely bring in some positive vibes in your life as well as home.

Hope you like our best Vastu Tips for Positive Energy, please let us know in the comment box!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Vastu Shastra?

    Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian architectural and design philosophy that focuses on harmonizing spaces with the natural elements and cosmic energies to promote health, happiness, and prosperity.

  2. How does clutter affect positive energy in a home?

    Clutter restricts the flow of positive energy, leading to stagnation and potential conflicts. Keeping the home organized and clutter-free allows for better energy circulation and promotes a sense of calm.

  3. Why are colors important in Vastu Shastra?

    Colors influence our mental and emotional states. Choosing colors according to Vastu principles can balance energies in the home, enhancing positivity and creating a harmonious atmosphere.

  4. What role does the entrance play in Vastu Shastra?

    The entrance is considered the gateway for energy into a home. A clean, well-maintained entrance free from obstacles allows positive energy to enter freely, while improper placement or clutter can block or dissipate this energy.

  5. Why should mirrors be placed carefully according to Vastu?

    Mirrors reflect and amplify energies, so their placement is crucial. Incorrect placement, such as facing beds or main doors, can disrupt sleep patterns and energy flow. Properly positioned mirrors can enhance light and positivity in a room.

  6. How does sunlight contribute to positive energy in Vastu Shastra?

    Sunlight is a natural source of positive energy and vitality. In Vastu, homes are designed to maximize natural light to enhance well-being and reduce negativity.

  7. What role does music play in Vastu Shastra?

    Music, especially soothing sounds like wind chimes or bells, helps break negative energy patterns and promotes a free flow of positive energy throughout the home.

  8. Why is salt used in Vastu Shastra?

    Salt is believed to absorb negative energy and purify spaces. Placing bowls of salt in corners of the home helps maintain positive energy levels.

  9. How do indoor plants contribute to positive energy?

    Indoor plants symbolize growth, harmony, and vitality. They purify the air, add a natural touch, and promote a sense of well-being and relaxation according to Vastu principles.

  10. What types of fragrances are recommended in Vastu Shastra?

    Pleasant aromas from incense, aromatic candles, or air fresheners help create a welcoming atmosphere and ward off negative energies, promoting calmness and positivity.

  11. Why is facing north considered beneficial in Vastu Shastra?

    The north direction is associated with positive magnetic energies. Sleeping, studying, or working while facing north is believed to enhance concentration, productivity, and overall positivity.

  12. How can Vastu Shastra principles benefit families living together?

    By following Vastu guidelines, families can create a harmonious living environment that supports health, happiness, and mutual respect, thereby fostering stronger bonds and reducing conflicts.

  13. Can Vastu Shastra practices be implemented in apartments?

    Yes, Vastu principles can be adapted to fit apartment living by making adjustments such as using indoor plants, selecting appropriate colors, and ensuring proper placement of mirrors and furniture.

  14. Are Vastu Shastra principles based on religious beliefs?

    While Vastu Shastra has its roots in ancient Hindu texts, its principles are more about creating balanced and harmonious living spaces rather than religious rituals. It focuses on practical aspects of architecture and design.

  15. How long does it take to notice positive changes after implementing Vastu Shastra tips?

    The effects of Vastu Shastra can vary based on individual circumstances and the extent of changes made. However, many people report feeling a positive shift in energy and atmosphere shortly after implementing Vastu guidelines.

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