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My first Love!!

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“This love story is filled with innocence, pure emotions, and heartbreak. He was  just a kid at the age of 14 and had no idea what to do when he started developing feelings for his classmate. Destiny played its role, and he finally got a response from his crush. He had a beautiful year-long relationship until he found out that his crush had other boyfriends as well. He was devastated. Although it sounds childish, it was understandable for a teenager who was heartbroken. Even after all these years, he still remembers his first love, and a part of his heart still belongs to his crush. The story reminds us of the pure and intense emotions we experience during our first love and how difficult it can be to handle the situation when it doesn’t go as expected.”

Aryan was just 14 when he had his first love affair. Those were the most wonderful days he lived through. She was his classmate. Aryan was drawn towards her from a long time approx 2-3 years and kept staring at her continuously.  he was the laughing stuff amongst my friends as they always teased him saying that she was the most beautiful girl in their school & Aryan did not deserve her. He was just a kid & any kind of criticisms could not waver me off because understanding such things was beyond his head at that age. What he understood was that she was beautiful & just staring at her used to give him a kind of satisfaction & peace to his mind. His hobby, his interest everything was left behind, looking at her was his favorite time pass.

At the age of 14, he had no clue, what to do next! But then destiny played a role & somehow Aryan started getting a response from her, maybe because he was good at studies & one of the toppers of his class. Whatever the reason was but Aryan was on cloud 9 and was gushing in the air full of love.

Unbelievingly she proposed to him which came as a huge shock to him because he never thought of proposing her, what he thought of was just to keep looking at her. It made his day, Aryan was at the top of the world.

They were together approx for 1 year until he came to know that she had more boyfriends, other than him!!!!! He was shocked beyond words because it shattered him and he broke down & you know what, he gave her a tight slap to that girl in front of the whole class! Yes for that the principal punished him.

Sounds too childish? I know but what can you expect from a raging 16-year-old teenager. That was his first love story & later he went to have a few more!! hehe.  His first love air is as fresh as always in his mind because for those 2-3 years he lived a life filled with beautiful thoughts, energy & enthusiasm. Aryan don’t blame that girl for cheating because it was her choice of living her life.

But yes knowing some facts might be heartbreaking at that time  & made it difficult for him to handle the situation at that age.


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