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Guide to Understanding the Different Types of Backlinks

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Search engines have become the doorway to the global web platform. Your rank on the
search engine’s result page is one of the most critical factors to drive more traffic to the

And all the search engines have this process of judging your website by the company it
maintains. The algorithm running behind Google is always searching for links that connect to
the high- quality websites.

Over the decades, there has been a variety of changes and modifications in Google
algorithms. All the changes aim to make the search engine more sophisticated. Despite all
the modifications, the backlinks continue to be one of the vital factors that contribute to the
ranking of your website.

So, without further ado, let’s show you how the different types of backlinks can support
your website to climb up the ladder of ranking on the SERP.

Backlinks: Know more about them

Backlinks have become a very frequently used term related to Search Engine Optimization.
You can consider the backlinks as a vote for your website. When many other websites vote
for your website in the form of backlinks, the search engine crawlers will designate your
web pages as worth reading.

Numerous votes from different high-quality website make the algorithm of Google decides
that your page has credible content on it. As it can be useful to readers searching for similar
information, your rank is going to shoot up.

Whether the SEO sinks or swims, you have to maintain your ranking on the SERP. The
backlinks have a crucial role I play in this regard.

  • Backlinks are also called inbound links.
  • The links are clickable. Users can jump to your website from another website
  • following this link.
  • Backlinks add to the value of your website.

But you should also know that only the high- quality backlinks can get you a higher rank on
the SERP. In fact, one top-quality backlink can easily outperform several low-quality

It’s time to know about the various backlink types that push your website further up in the
ranking list of the SERP.

1. Editorial backlinks

When an editorial description contains a link to your website, it is the perfect backlink.
Usually, such backlinks are present inside highly relevant and excellent-quality of content.

There are certain circumstances under which the editorial backlinks will form. These include

  • When web content on a different website mentions your article or info graphic as
  • the source of information,
  • When a website quotes your business representatives,
  • When there is mention of your website in a link roundup related to a particular
  • topic.

Imagine the impact of the backlink when a very reputed website will refer to your website in
the editorial section. If you want to achieve glory, keep on creating evergreen content.
Unless you can establish your content as the seed of thought leadership, you can never
establish your authority. Captivating content that the users can easily share is going to get
you more backlinks.

2. Guest blogging backlinks

To understand the strength of backlinks from guest blogging, you have to start writing guest
blogs first. Choose websites that deal with related concepts, products, or services. And then
write magical blogs that will captivate the readers.

While sending the guest article to the established website, you can simply attach the
editorial hyperlink to your website. When a reader finds your writing extremely interesting,
the person would look for clicking on the link that provides the reader with more of your

3. Acknowledgment backlinks

Another noteworthy backlink that can boost the SEO of the website is the acknowledgment
backlink. The publishing of such backlinks happens mostly when your company is sponsoring
an event in the industry. Or your brand is participating in representative speaking.

  • If you want to acquire such backlinks, you can utilize the backlink checker tools.
  • Such SEO tools aid in the identification of websites that your competitors aim to get
  • You can analyze the websites in detail and create a strategy for earning a higher
    number of acknowledgment backlinks from that website.

As the link is embedded amidst a piece of acknowledgment in writing, it adds to the value of
the backlink. Undeniably, it can be a strong SEO booster.

4. Do follow backlinks

If you ask the SEO experts what are the different types of backlinks, the most common
form that the experts will agree on are the Do follow backlinks.

  • By putting the Do follow link on your website, you are implying to Google that you’ve
    used an organic link. 
  • It proves that you have not paid the target website for inserting your link.
  • You also vouch for the accuracy of the information present in the related content on
    the other website.

These backlinks simply tell Google and all the other search engines that the content present
on the other side of the link is noteworthy and a must-read.
The Do follow links don’t look different. They are just regular links. So you can easily out in
any place.

5. No follow links

As you now know about the do follow links, it’s essential to know about the No follow links
too. Although these backlinks are less popular, they are valuable too. You will be specifically
telling the search engine to ignore a particular link.

No follow links provide an easy way for webmasters to prevent the search engine from
following any or a particular link on that page. The HTML markup for this link will be similar
to the do follow link.

However, there will be one small but significant difference. There will be a tag as “reel=no
follow.” A link profile is healthy for search engines if there is a good balance between the do
follow and no follow links.

6. Free tool backlinks

Why don’t you utilize the free tools to reach the high-quality websites that can link to your
website? There are numerous free tools that will allow you to analyze the backlinks. If the
number of backlinks is significant, more people will look forward to linking to the contents
on your website.

Some of these tools will also help you to add a strong CTA that will drive awareness and
inspire people to invest in the product or service. It will be an additional step to drive
awareness about the web content.

You can also get free tool backlinks by creating simple tools for finding the sites where you
can start guest blogging to connect to a variety of webmasters. Therefore, you have to
create good-quality backlinks.

7. Badge backlinks

Another smart way to establish backlinks is to create a badge for awarding the other brands.
It will be a respectful way to recognize the achievements or status of other websites.
Naturally, these websites will proudly put up the badge from your brand on their website.
What you earn is a valuable backlink. Are you interested to know further how to use
backlink types
? Well, you can adeptly use the backlink as an SEO tool. Use the tool to
recognize all the sites having a similar audience base as yours.
It’s an intelligent solution to find the target audience and reach out to them without any
traditional approach.

8. Comment backlinks

Start posting genuine and relevant commentary on the comments section. And don’t forget
to include the backlink. It will be acceptable when it adds value and information to the

But if you end up executing the same as the spam it will have a negative impact on your
reputation with a lowering of rank on the SERP. So, maintaining the limit in the comment
backlinks is crucial.

Anchor text: the point of relevance

As you continue to know about the different types of backlinks, have you ever wondered
how the phrase containing the link can be effective? Anchor text is the set of words or a
word that the other websites will use to link to your website.

The anchor text is visible, clickable, and meaningful. It’s mandatory to understand what is
Anchor text
if you are working on SEO strategies. After all, the anchor text will help the
search engines to determine the maximum relevant keywords for which a web page
receives the ranking.

It matters a lot for SEO as it will give the search engine the biggest clue about the content
present on the linked page.

Inspire anchor text diversity

As your website continue to gain backlinks, it is also essential to monitor the anchor texts
that redirect the users.

  • Are these anchor texts relevant to your website?
  • Will someone find more information and interesting news about the related topic by
    clicking this link?

If there is no relevance between the anchor text and the web content, then the readers will
immediately think that your website is just trying to buy the backlinks.

A healthy level of diversity is good for the health of the website. People can relate different
terms to your web content. As a result, you can gain an audience from different audience
bases. It’s the best way to optimize the website for a better ranking on the SERP.

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