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A great love Story – The love beyond the religion

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This story is about my two friends who belonged to two different castes. We all know inter-caste marriages in India are treated as taboo where the set of families of both the girl and the boy are criticized very badly by the community itself. Even though India is a democratic country it is full of orthodox people.

While I was working in the metropolitan city of Bangalore, I had two friends where the girl was Hindu while the boy was from the Muslim community. The boy had feelings for the girl & he used to keep staring at her. Many times that girl used to be uncomfortable because of his behavior. You know we friends used to tell him to stop doing that because that girl was from a different community.

Somehow that girl also started responding to him, perhaps his continuous efforts rewarded him. He was a genuine guy that’s why his friends were quite worried for him. I don’t know when this guy proposed her & they both started dating. We all were worried about both of them because we thought that their love story would end on the same note like that of the other inter-religion couples and they would never have a happy ending.

So, our friends decided to talk to both of them. Surprisingly within just 2 months of their relationship, we found that their bonding was strong & they were planning to get married.

Oh God! I decided to keep myself away from all these just to avoid the troublesome situation. Yes, I stopped talking to both of them. I just didn’t want to get involved in any drama for the sake of my safety.

A year later I heard that both of them had run away as their families were not agreeing for their relationship. I was very tensed thinking that something bad was going to happen & my friends decided to search both of them but to no avail. I left messages on Facebook & other social platforms but nothing was working out even there was no update from their accounts.

Approx. 6 months later somehow I came to know about them. I met them but they were not in very good condition. They were happy on what they did but were equally unhappy on knowing that their families were going through multiple challenges because of them. Both had started working in different cities & different companies. It was challenging for both of them too as their choice of food, festivals & culture were totally different. Anyways I felt relieved after seeing them happy.

After a few months one night, I got a call from my friend saying that a community of people attacked them both & they were badly injured. What came as shocking news was that my friend was in ICU and that he went into a coma. I was shocked beyond words and was too angry. Instead of going to the hospital I alone went to the girl’s house and directed all my anger on them, but after knowing the reality they all were just shocked as much as I was and they broke away in tears. Oh God, then I realized that my friend’s family had planned this attack.

With the thought of leaving no one who had planned all of this, I rushed to the hospital. I went late to the hospital but was flustered to see my friend’s family there. Suspecting their involvement in the matter  I went to my friend’s father & started shouting on him badly. He slapped me & said he couldn’t even think to do that to his son.

I was numb with pain and felt blank. Then his father told me that they had launched a police complaint & the police were investing the case. After some time the family of that girl also reached the hospital. The situation the families were facing was critical, but somewhere I was happy seeing their families together & consoling each other. That was such a relief!

After some days everything went well, both the families came together & you know what? The Police confirmed that the attack was done by some of the local political followers. Sounds disappointing right?

Anyways I was happy seeing the happy ending!!!


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