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Discover the World of Mehndi Designs: From Tradition to Modern Glam 9 Mehndi Designs

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We Indians know the cultural significance of Mehndi in our Indian culture. May it be weddings, Karva Chauth or Teej, types of mehndi designs play a very important role in all the ceremonies and festivals of India. Even it is considered to be a Vedic custom along with Haldi (turmeric), as it is a symbolic representation of the outer and inner sun (believed to do the awakening of inner light).

Though mehndi application is practiced in the Indian subcontinent including Nepal, Bangladesh and Maldives and mainly has a crucial value in the countries of India and Pakistan, it’s also now quite famous in western countries like US & UK. Arab countries also have culture of using mehndi during their festivals.

In the era of modernization, everything is getting modernized so are the mehndi designs. New mehndi styles and designs are trending nowadays, adding a glamorous touch to it. Wedding being the most important day in one’s life, mehndi is just like an ornament for the to-be bride. Therefore we have a whole function dedicated for it popularly known as “Mehndi Ceremony”.

 In India symbolic meaning of mehndi is directly related to fertility in Indian tradition along with the belief of darker the shade of mehndi on the hands of the bride, more is the love of the groom for her, which is often said by the elders. The ceremony itself signifies beautification of the bride. Also it is applied on all the important occasions, festivals and fasts (Vrats) in Hindu culture considered to be a shagun (good sign).

Most famous patterns of Mehndi Designs in India

Many people prefer to apply mehndi designs according to the occasion and convenience. Just like some people like to keep it simple and minimalistic go for Arabic designs, where the design is minimum and it does not cover the whole hand keeping it free.

The floral mehndi pattern is another type, which is trending nowadays as these designs are not too intricate and clumsy and can be drawn till elbows or shoulders for those who love full hands mehndi making it one of the popular type.

Another popular and all time favorite pattern is the peacock one. Peacock is certainly one of the most beautiful creatures and many of our mehndi designs includes peacock. This style is something, which is evergreen, and every girl wants to try. The design of a peacock in the middle with heavy meshwork’s and leafy pattern makes it looks alluring and sophisticated because of which many prefer it.

Geometric pattern is a pattern trending nowadays where the design is in the form of geometric patterns and looks simplistic after applying therefore preferred to apply during small family functions giving it a simple non-clumsy look.

How to prepare perfect Mehndi for dark color & divine smell?

9 type of famous types of Mehndi Designs

Now when we have discussed about how to make the perfect mehndi for a good impression print let us now discuss about the various types of mehndi designs so that you can choose the style that speaks for you.

1. Indian Mehndi designs

Mehndi Designs, Indian Mehndi Designs

Many may think we are biased when we say Indian designs are the best but the charm of these designs are just incomparable. The designs are very intricate as well as detailed giving you a feeling of a designed manuscript. These designs are popular during the wedding or the earth and its elements as they describe a beautiful inspire Karwa Chauth. Birds, animals, kalash along with the images of bride and groom are depicted in this style.

2. Arabic Mehndi designs

Mehndi Designs, arabic Mehndi Designs

As the name suggests this design has its origins from the arab world being totally different than the Indian ones. These designs have spread out cashew and flower patterns with a lot of shading and definitely has a lot of admirers too.

3. Indo-Arabic Mehndi designs

Indo-Arabic Mehndi designs

Some of the female company likes Indian as well as the Arabic ones and are hell lot of confused to select any one. So the mehndi designers go for the middle way and apply the Indo-Arabic designs which is a fusion where the Indian floral pattern with birds and animals are fused with Arabic cashew and shading. We know it sounds odd but the results are satisfying so what’s the problem?

4. Pakistani Mehndi designs

Pakistani Mehndi designs

There are a lot of similarities in the Pakistani and Indian designs but the only difference is they do not make pictures of bride, groom and kalash replacing it with domes, leafs and flower patterns. These designs are also greatly influenced by the Arabic designs.

5. Western Mehndi designs

Western Mehndi designs

If you think the Indians are only fascinated by mehndi then you are wrong. The western world is also under the spell of mehndi designs. The only difference is our traditional mehndi designs are henna tattoos for them. They are very different from our traditional designs with the geometrical shapes and designs of hand jewellery like bracelet, ghewar etc.

6. Indo western Mehndi designs

Indo western Mehndi designs

These designs are the amalgamation of the east and the west. They are applied just as a style statement mostly who like spaced out designs with a modern look but also with the hint of traditional Indian designs.

7. Moroccan Mehndi designs

These designs are just out of the way different than any other designs as even if we try different designs there is a little bit of similarity in them but while we are talking about the Moroccan type they are inspired by the traditional tribal symbols and patterns.

Moroccan Mehndi designs

Their designs mostly contain diamond shape main design with zigzag lines and geometrical curves. Even though it looks quirky we can’t deny the fact it is quite aesthetic even if it looks quite simple.

These are the basic types of Mehndi designs, which are originally drawn, but some people like to accessorize their mehndi designs with glitters and colors to make it look extraordinary.

Glitter Mehndi Designs

8. Glitter Mehndi Designs

In case of Glitter mehndi we can say that all that glitters is pretty in case of mehndi art. In this the basic design is made with the normal mehndi and glitters along with decorative stones. All colors of glitter are used and the colors are selected according to their basic designs.

9. Colorful Mehndi Designs

Colorful Mehndi Designs

Now a days people has started using some colors replacing traditional henna to get more colorful designs. A combination of color & henna is also used. All is to get the more refreshing colored designs on hands.

 There are many more types mehndi art all over the world but the ones listed above are the most trending ones around the world. This blog is just to get you acquainted with the most trending and popular mehndi designs to help you decide which will suit you the best. And till you don’t try how can you know which will look best on you, isn’t it?


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