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10 cool Tips for building your Dream Home..!

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Building your own dream home is about desire, fantasy. But it’s achievable and anyone can do it.

This thought is very true as we all desire of buying our own home and we have our own fantasies related to it but the journey is not that smooth as we think of it. It’s just not about buying it and getting your job done. It takes a lot of attention, time as well as your money to build your dream house. And a house is definitely not something which can be created again and again as it happens once in a lifetime.

So when it comes to taking decisions while constructing your home you should be extra aware so that you do not regret it later on. There are few tips which I am sure will help you in planning for your dream house and will ease off some of your stress.

  1. Don’t be in a hurry because once your house is constructed or renovated  you can not do the alterations to it.
  2. It’s very important for you to do a proper research before you take the first step towards building your dream house.  Browse on the internet to get more ideas and clarity on your doubts and if required meet the related consultants too.
  3. Write down all the small & big requirements you are looking for in your house before you meet an architect. Once the map or renovation plan is ready show it to your friends to get better ideas.  
  4. Don’t be extravagant in the beginning so that you have a required money left at the end or during finishing & decoration. It’s a common mistake I have seen people making. Ideally your house should be completed in all aspects to make it your dream house so keep your hand a little tight from the beginning.
  5. Color – Color is the most important part of your house  but while choosing it you should keep few points in mind;
  • Use a combination of colors on walls adjacent to each other.
  • These days wall design stencils are in fashion. You can choose and have some good wall designs in every room. Alternatively you can use Wall Stickers as well!
  • Prefer to use light color on the exterior walls because it increases the visibility in night & also doesn’t get dull during the day.
  • Explore the range of shades available in the market.
  • Observe colors at other houses as it will give you an overall perspective.
  • Try out different brands because color shades vary from company to company.
  • Shortlist few colors, take a trial & show it to your friends before finalizing it.
  • Use different paint textures available in the market on some of the wall area, which gives a different & attractive look to your wall.

Buy all decoration accessories once all the painting work is complete.

If you want a garden in your house then simultaneously plan for it because it needs at least 1-2 months for a gardener to prepare and maintain a green garden.  

Visit shops, exhibitions and online portals to find some unique items for your house.

Use wall painting of animated creatures or cartoons on the walls of your children’s room.

Proper Ventilation is a key to a healthy home so do not avoid it for any reason.

Will also like to share some tips for your Kitchen & Drawing room.


Kitchen is called the Heart of your house not because it’s associated with taste and health. A house is incomplete without a good kitchen; a well maintained clean & beautiful Kitchen is always appreciated.

These days houses or apartments are built with small size Kitchen while a house should have enough space in Kitchen because Gas burner & big electronics items like Refrigerator, Microwave, Oven etc. release heat and it’s harmful to health, if space is short then please make proper ventilation arrangements.

Drawing room

Drawing room is a room in a house where visitors are entertained, so it plays an important role in creating an impression on others. Drawing room should be the most beautiful, well-maintained & best-designed room of your house. If its external appearance is the first impression of your house then drawing Room is the face of it that’s why many of us spend lots of money in decorating it, here are few tips are given below which will help you to create the best Drawing Room –

  1. First comes the POP design, generally we use it for the ceiling but you can add some designs in the corners too.
  2. Second most important is the colour of your drawing room.  Please take sufficient time to finalize it, discuss with your friends or take expert advice because believe me if the colour goes right your half work is done. Many times I have noticed some gaudy or bad contrast colour which is anyways expensive but unfortunately, they do not create an impressive shade on some of the walls which itself kills the beauty of other decorative accessories.
  3. It’s not necessary to buy curtains, sofa or any other item matching to the wall colour.  It’s a gone fashion now and you can really try some decent contrast here. Try some innovative approach and don’t go alone to buy them, if not expert then a common discussion will get you the better results.
  4. Even though Drawing room is the biggest room in your house still it’s recommended to keep less but unique & uncommon articles or items in this room because it’s already accommodated with Television, Sofa, Showcase etc. Things should not be jumbled but arranged in such a way that the whole room looks elegant & one can spend time in watching each article. You have spent time & money on painting walls so its beauty should not be hidden behind any item.
  5. There are many beautiful wallpapers which are available in the market and some of them are really very good. You can use wallpaper on one of the walls as it gives a very different & attractive look.
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