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Explore and Buy Paintings Online: Your Guide to the Best Online Art Galleries

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If you think buy paintings online and believe that genuine and original artwork can only be found in traditional art galleries or exhibitions, think again. Online art galleries have expanded the horizons for art admirers and talented artists alike.

While art lovers can attend exhibitions in their cities, traveling to exhibitions in other locations can be challenging. Emerging artists, too, often struggle to find the right contacts to showcase their work in physical galleries. Online art galleries are bridging this gap, making it easier for both art buyers and artists.

buy Paintings Online

The biggest advantage of selling art online for an artist is that he can focus on art; he doesn’t have to run from one gallery to another to show his work.

There is also a pricing advantage since there are no overhead costs that are involved with physical art galleries. I recommend some of the top online art galleries for buying & selling art, listed below

1. World Art to buy paintings online, worldartcommunity, buy art, buy paintings, sell art

To buy paintings online World Art Community is an online marketplace selling Art. With selling art to buyers they are also based on the peer-to-peer (P2P) model where World Art Community works as an online forum for artists & designers to showcase their work which can directly be purchased by the prospective clients.

Apart from paintings in different categories like Nature Paintings, Mordern Art Paintings, Figurative Paintings, Acrylic paintings, Oil paintings, Mixed media paintings, etc.; the company also sells apparel, home décor, accessories for men & women. In a nutshell, World Art Community is more like a platform for any kind of artistic creations; whether it is paintings, drawings, photography, etc.


buy paintings, sell paintings,, artzolo, paitings online

ArtZolo is an online art gallery to buy paintings online bridging the gap between art buyers & artists. The company is located in Kerala,  India. On ArtZolo, you can buy paintings from genuine artists. Cityscape paintings, Couple paintings, Figurative paintings, Religious paintings, Indian paintings, Nature paintings, etc. are some of the popular types of paintings available on the platform.

You can also buy paintings online for your home or office from Artzolo. Apart from drawings & paintings, the company also houses a good collection of Traditional art, sculptures, Handicrafts, Art prints, etc.

Artzolo also provide corporate gifting solution.

3., fizdi, sell paintings, buy paintings

Fizdi is a growing online art gallery to buy paintings online, where consumers can buy affordable hand painted art online at very good price. They have an artist with the name Community Artist who sells paintings at a very good price.

With Fizdi, artwork can be recreated in multiple sizes on customer’s demand. However, the only downside is that the platform does not promise originality of artwork which can be a big letdown for customers.

Like other art galleries, you can purchase different types of paintings e.g. Landscape paintings, Radha Krishna paintings, Ganesha paintings, Figurative Paintings, etc. from Fizdi.

4. Indian Art Ideas, indianartideas, buy art online, sell art online,

Indian Art Ideas is also an online art gallery having a number of talented artists on their platform. Apart from paintings & drawings from artists who are present on the platform, the company also provides art expert services for their customers.

To buy paintings online you can start with Abstract paintings, Landscape paintings, Folk art paintings, Still life paintings, etc. from Indian Art Ideas. In case you are confused about how you should go about decorating your new home/office/room; you should check out the Expert Art Advisory section on their website.

It also has a personalized art section where they provide custom portraits, Photos to Art & Customized art.

5. Art4u

art4u,, sell art online, buy art online

Art4u is an online art gallery to buy paintings online, that has B2C and B2B business verticals. In the B2B program, the company ties-up with interior designers, gallery owners, business owners, and designers to simplify the problem of art discovery. If you are planning to decorate your home, Art4u offers different kinds of artwork for kids room, drawing room, bedroom, dining room, gaming room, etc.

If you are a business owner, you should have a look at some of the artwork available for home-office. There is no clear information about the artists that have a tie-up with Art4u which may a major disadvantage since art buyers & art enthusiasts always want to own original artwork.

These days online art galleries are slowly & steadily becoming one of the major avenues for buying & selling art online, something that wouldn’t have existed without the power of the internet.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are online art galleries?

Online art galleries are platforms on the internet where artists can showcase and sell their artwork directly to buyers, eliminating the need for physical art galleries.

How do online art galleries benefit artists?

Online art galleries allow artists to reach a global audience without the limitations of physical location. They can focus on creating art instead of spending time searching for gallery representation.

What types of artwork can you find on online art galleries?

Online art galleries feature a wide range of artwork including paintings (like nature, modern, figurative), drawings, sculptures, handicrafts, and art prints, catering to diverse tastes and preferences.

Why should I buy art from online galleries instead of traditional galleries?

Online galleries often offer more variety, competitive pricing due to lower overhead costs, and the convenience of browsing and purchasing artwork from anywhere in the world.

Are the artworks on online galleries original?

It varies by platform. Some online galleries ensure the authenticity and originality of artworks, while others may have reproductions or prints. It’s essential to verify before making a purchase.

How can artists benefit from peer-to-peer (P2P) models on online art galleries?

Peer-to-peer models on platforms like World Art Community enable artists to directly connect with buyers, fostering a community where artists can showcase and sell their work independently.

Do online art galleries only sell paintings?

No, online art galleries often feature a diverse range of artistic creations including apparel, home décor, accessories, and photography, catering to a broader artistic spectrum beyond just paintings.

What are some considerations when buying art online?

When buying art online, consider authenticity, return policies, shipping costs, and the reputation of the gallery or platform to ensure a satisfactory purchase experience.

How do online art galleries support emerging artists?

Online art galleries provide a platform for emerging artists to gain visibility and access a global market, which can be challenging through traditional gallery routes.

Can I get customized art through online art galleries?

Yes, many online galleries offer services for customized art such as custom portraits, personalized artworks, and converting photos into artworks to suit individual preferences.

What are the advantages of using online art galleries for corporate gifting?

Online art galleries like ArtZolo offer corporate gifting solutions, providing unique and personalized artworks that can enhance corporate branding and gift-giving experiences.

How can interior designers benefit from online art galleries?

Interior designers can partner with online galleries like Art4u to discover a wide range of artworks suitable for different spaces and themes, simplifying the process of art selection for their projects.

Are there expert advisory services available on online art galleries?

Yes, platforms like Indian Art Ideas provide expert art advisory services to assist customers in selecting artworks that complement their spaces or meet specific aesthetic preferences.

What role do online art galleries play in promoting cultural diversity?

Online art galleries serve as a platform for artists from diverse cultural backgrounds to showcase their unique artistic expressions, promoting cultural exchange and appreciation.

How can online art galleries contribute to the art market’s accessibility and inclusivity?

By breaking geographical barriers and offering a variety of artworks at different price points, online art galleries democratize access to art, making it more inclusive and accessible to a global audience.

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