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Love never die! It always stays alive in Heart.

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There are some memories which are washed out of our system but yes sometimes they just come gushing like the winds and makes us stunned and forces us to think of the past. I had a  few affairs before I got married but there was certainly an one which is still fresh in my mind

There’s something about him that I couldn’t forget…. Krishnendu you were special.  There is nothing left in my heart but I still enjoy remembering the time we spent together. Those 3 years are very special for me. I know you left me alone in this world but yes with God’s grace I met my husband & I am really thankful to him for helping me come out of that trauma.

I was 22 when I met Krish, he was a young smart stud with a  height of 6.1 feet with fair color & his sense of humor was out of the world. I was completely flattened when I saw him on the first day of my MBA college. He certainly was my dream boy,. He was in second-year & was a college leader from a political party. While being socially so active, he was good at studies as well. I somehow got to interact with him & I am sure he was able to sense that I had feelings for him.

Yes and that’s what I wanted, to show him my feelings. We started spending some good time with each other, he was also looking quite interested but never took a step ahead. I was getting restless on why he was not proposing me. So I proposed him, initially he didn’t accept saying that we should give more time to understand each other, but later he said Yes a big Yes with a proposal which was full of surprises on that day.

Everything was going fine until I met his ex-girlfriend who informed me that he had some criminal cases against him. It was a shock because one case was that of a murder. I was shocked rather shattered, I felt that I was going to be in a big shit. I couldn’t even speak to him about it and so I left the relationship incomplete there. It was almost 2 years when I decided to continue it with him because I was finding it difficult living without him.

Surprisingly one day he spoke to me about it & admitted his faults & the crimes he did. He asked me to leave him because those court cases were unacceptably going out of his favors & he informed me that he could get a long term imprisonment. My life was like a hell those days, I had no clue what to do as my family was also not knowing about my affair & I had nothing to tell them. I had no clarity on our future and therefore I couldn’t even speak to them.

Each day was very difficult to pass on. Many times I thought of committing suicide but could not do it because there was always a ray of hope. Meanwhile, my parents were looking out for alliances and it became my weekly job of  meeting a new guy every week & rejecting them giving a reason.

Finally, the day of court hearing came & Kris got imprisonment for 5 years. I was still happy & though, at least after 5 years, it would be the end of my sorrows. I was in the court at that time and after hearing the judgment i felt relaxed. When I met Kris he was looking quite depressed, I tried to console him but it didn’t work out. I kept trying by meeting him in jail many times but nothing was working out.

13th March 2004 was the worst day of my life, as I got a call early morning from jail that Kris had left me alone in this world & committed suicide & … I am really sorry but  I can’t write further… I don’t want to remember all that again. I thought of writing it on this platform so that Kris can still be alive somewhere even after me. That was our destiny when Kris got into some bad situations & committed some crime, he was not at all guilty but perhaps got tired of fighting with system & situations. Otherwise, trust me he was a superb guy & a great lover too! God bless his Soul!!! RIP


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