I had lots of love affairs, but there was one that told me the true meaning of love. I and my wife had to undergo many difficulties. Many years we could not live together My age was 28 years and my wife was 23 years old when we got married, without the consent of each other. My wife never wanted to marry me, because she knew about all my affair and I even never wanted to marry a girl who knows all about me.

At the time of marriage in our family, the boy and the girl are asked less about their choice. It was about two months before the marriage, my wife tried to commit suicide. I do not know why I felt very bad. I & some family members reached the hospital to see her, I saw the police there. The policemen interrogated me but not hold me responsible. The girl gave a reason saying that she was upset about her studies.

But I knew the reason was different, and that was me. I had never felt so low! It felt as if I am a poor person. Well, thinking that I thought of talking to her, her family stopped saying that she is not in the mental state of talking right now.

But I just had to talk to her. I sent a letter through my sister and apologized and requested to meet. She said she is ready but her mother will be there and my sister will also be present.

We met and I asked for an opportunity to improve by saying that I accept my mistakes but I am also a good and true person. After quite a while, she agreed. I was happy and thinking that it’s safe to do what I want again but truly speaking I didn’t repeat anything because I was in love, true love.

We got married I was very happy. On the third day, one of my old girlfriends called me and threatened to create a disturbance in my life. She said that she is pregnant for four months. That was a shock & I felt that I would now commit suicide. I took care of myself and asked that girl if she is ready to settle this case, and she agreed, for four lakhs money.

There was no tension in life now! Just two days later my sister came to my house and said that she wants to talk to me. I said so, she has to talk something in alone, as soon as she came, she gave me a slap. I understood that this is the only stream of that girl.

I was tensed & asking God Why it’s happening to me? I was talking to my Sister & suddenly, I saw someone’s crying, that was my wife. She probably listened to everything. Now the mountain itself has broken down on me. I really wanted my wife a lot and did not want to be separated from her at any cost. But now I had to pay the deeds against my mistakes I did earlier.

My wife was so angry and maybe bad that she came to me, slapped me and spit on me loudly. I had never suffered so much humiliation in my life, but still, I was silent. My wife left me.

Everything was happening so fast that I could not understand anything. But I fully believed that something is wrong. Just as I decided to fight this war, I decided.

The laws of our country are so complicated for boys, if anything happens to that girl I would have been sending behind the bars. I also resorted to the law. Three years of fighting and winning, not because I was right but because I had seen that love in my wife’s eyes, my sister also had faith in me. My mother always kept me encouraging. With God’s grace, I got everything back. Not only my lost honour but my love also.

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