Love Stories

I hate all these Love stories and people who makes fool of each other.

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I hate all these Love & people who make fool of each other. Today love does not even exist in this world. Everyone on the name of love looking for what, we all know!

Being a girl situation is more difficult, and if you are pretty & don’t wanna get into a relationship you are gone! I had an affair & I loved that guy from bottom of my heart but he was a useless fellow, ditched me twice & third time I hit my let between his legs. Boys are such losers, they have no other work than chasing girls, use them for their hunger & then throw away.

Yes, I also have gone through a similar situation. I met that guy when I was in 10th standard, we became friends & then lovers. I knew his family & he introduced me as his girlfriend so I was quite sure of everything & had blind faith in him. I was dreaming about our marriage because it was 3 years we were in a relationship.

I was blind & yes it was my fault as well, but you at a particular age you ate too innocent to even doubt people like him. Almost all the time he used to be with his family at home as he informed me. One day when it was his parents anniversary I thought of surprising him & reach his house by early 7am morning, I parked my car & thought of crossing the boundary wall & enter his room to just surprise him. I did & crossed the walls but all the doors were closed from inside. Having no option I knocked on the window many times. Suddenly a girl opened the door & asked me what do you want. My boyfriend also came behind her & shocked seeing me. I was stunned & not in a position even what is happening.

He called me inside & introduced her to me as her cousin sister, but from the situation I made out that he was telling lie, I stopped him & stepped out of the house. He came to me the next day apologized & cried to forgive him. I did!

A year later the same incident happened again & this time I intentionally forgive him.

You can’t imagine now what I did to him later. Ok, I tell you. I hired a spy agency & got all his information like with all girls he is engaged & how he is spending his day. With the help of my few friends I shooter his few videos when he was sexually engaged. Took those videos & put on Porn websites & forwarded the link through some fake Facebook IDs.

Hahahahahaha…You know what he will never get who did this…At last, I showed his videos to him saying that I got it from a Facebook give him a tight slap in front of his friend & came out of all shit. I feel so relaxed & satisfied now! Thank God for giving me enough strength & power.


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