Hey buddy, thanks for giving this platform. You know I was just 14yr old when I had my first love affair. Those were the wonderful days I lived in my life. She was my classmate & also at the same age. I was interested in her since a long time, approx 2-3 years, always used to stare at her, my friends used to laugh at me saying that she is the most beautiful girl of my school & I am not capable of or deserve her. I was a kid & any kind of criticisms never affected me because I didn’t understand that! What I understood is that she was beautiful & keep looking at her used to give me a kind of satisfaction & peace to my mind. My hobby, my interest everything was left behind, looking at her was my favourite time pass.

At the age of 14, I had no clue, what to do next! But then destiny played & somehow I start getting a response from her, maybe because I was good at studies & one of the toppers my class. Whatever reason but I was very very happy those days, first tune in life I was literally flying, everything was going good.

You will laugh now if I tell you that she proposed to me. Because me never thought if proposing her, what I thought of just keep looking at her. It made my day, I was top of the world.

We were together approx for 1 year till I came to know that she has more boyfriends, not only me!!!!! Shock, yes that was more than a shock, I cried I was shattered & you know what I gave her a tight slap in class in front of all! Yes for that I was punished by principle.

Sounding kiddish, U know! But what else u expect from a 16 yr old kid. That was my first love story & later had a few more. I remember it always because for those 2-3 years I lived a life filled with beautiful thoughts, energy & enthusiasm. I don’t blame her to be because it was her choice of living her life.

But yes knowing some facts were heartening & made difficult to handle the situation at that age. As I never shared this with my any family members I had no one to tell me what is right or wrong, yes few friends knew about it & they tried to console me.

I still remember her face, she is somewhere still stay in my heart. Can’t forget her!!!!

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