My crush was on my professor of my engineering college. I don’t know when this crush turned to love & I started falling deep. I was enjoying those feeling & perhaps that made me feel deeper for him.

He was a not only handsome but also a talented & genuine guy. His had a superb sense of humor. Day by day my feeling were getting stronger. He also used to respond me. Few months later I decided to talk to him about me because he was married & had a kid also.

Sometime later I got to know that he is separating from his wife & perhaps that was my best news I ever heart, I was like flying in sky with all happiness. He was looking upset those days. Suddenly I got to know that he is leaving my college, I didn’t even think for a minute & ran to him, told him that I want to speak in private.

We met on same day in a nearest coffee shop, spent a long time. I shared my feelings in details. Throughout the conversation he was looking quite neutral & I was keen to here from him. For first 3 hours I only spoke & then asked him to reply.

He typically behaved like a professor & gave me a long lecture, that was all shit I never expected from him. He was explaining theories of not to love your professors & instead of listening him I was continuously looking at him. Those 4-5 hours were the best time I ever had with someone I like. That time he was convincing me not to love him but I was moving opposite.

After few days he called me & asked to meet. I went to same coffee shop. I opened the door & saw his wife seating with him, oh my God that was a shock & such a embarrassing moment I can’t explain! Anyways I went & seat with them. His wife gave me a warm welcome & hugged me, she also said that the feelings I have are really beautiful for anyone to have.

She started her story with their love affair & marrying then kids bla bla. And added that a true men loves only once & he means my professor has already chosen her. She added I understand your situation very well because I have been through the same. My husband was looking disturb since few days & I asked the reason & that’s how I came to know about you.

During that conversation she explained me the importance of being in love & how it can affect someone if the chosen direction is wrong. She was really nice to me & gave me enough reason to rethink & reconcile my thoughts. I was feeling quite relaxed after talking to her.

But you know what it’s actually not in your hand whom to love & when to love, you can of course control your emotions & kill them as time goes on. It happened with me, he continued in the same college I didn’t forget him, not even today but I believe I did the right thing by controlling myself & my emotions. Today I am a happy married women with my family which I believe wouldn’t be possible if haven’t moved out of that situation, it was very very thought but I did what was right for me. I am always thankful to that lady.

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