I am 35 now. I am now well settled. Drawing heavy salary has my own 2 flats. Living a lavish life. Everything was going fine & as I planned.

Many times I fall in love but never got engaged. Even I never felt so strong. I am still unmarried! A year back I met Ruchi in office, she is pretty & intelligent too. She is an independent girl.

I don’t know what & how it happened but I start getting strong feelings for her. Found her also interested. I was somehow feeling uncomfortable but I was excited. She looks too young. Anyways I proposed her & she replied asking for time.

I was trying to collect more information about her & from her FB page, I realized she is just 21 or 22 years old, as she graduated just before 2 years. It was a shock for me because she is too younger than me for 13 years.

After 3 days I got a call from her accepting my proposal, I was happy & didn’t sleep the whole night.

Next morning again I got her call, I didn’t pick up, I was getting repeated calls from her but none I picked up.

A whole day in office she tried getting my attention but I even didn’t look at her.

It’s was almost a month I couldn’t forget her, even find it difficult to manage so I decided to speak to her.

Next day morning I called her & she didn’t respond, not even in the office. She was ignoring me completely. After office hours while leaving I went to her & asked why you are not responding to my calls. Suddenly she slapped me! It was soooo embarrassing I can’t tell you. But still, I said it’s ok. If you don’t want to talk about no problem.

She was broken & hugged me. She said since a month she was waiting for my response by any mean, and I was not responding.

I told her the reason, she was also surprised as she assured me at the age of nearly 28.

Trust me it was one of the most difficult situations for me & for her as well. But we accepted each other finally a month ago. But we are still get tensed when thinking of family & society.

Anyways I am sure we will manage.

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