About Author

Writing about yourself if really difficult isn’t it!

Anyways My full name is Jeevan Tipke, I live in Mumbai, India with my wife & two kids. My two kids, they are beautiful, naughty, cute & yes best things in the world God has gifted me with.

I head a e-commerce portal where we facilitate buying & selling of art & that is one strong reason I keep talking about Art in India. I am passionate about Digital Marketing techniques & love to share my thought on it! Love & Health are part of my life, I have experienced & that’s why like to share some words about it, thinking if it can benefit someone!

I have a seen a long bad face of my life when my parents expired because of Cancer, I tried my best & perhaps left everything behind to save them and I couldn’t. I keep remembering them almost everyday & writing helps me a lot to come out of that pain.

I hold Master degree in administration & has worked for around 14 years now. Sports….yes playing Badminton & Carrom I can spend many nights.

My Dreams!!!! Cars & multi-cuisine food. I wish to own a BMW 8 series & roam around the world to taste food of every continent.

That’s all! you can reach out at jeevan.tipke@gmail.com if have anything for me!