This story is about my two friends. About inter cast marriages in India. About two communities in India where few believes that both the communities are enemy to each other. India is a democratic country even though it’s full of orthodox people.

These my two friends were working with me in a metropolitan city Bangalore, the girl was Hindu while Boy was from Muslim community. This boy used to like that girl a lot & staring at her wad his favorite time pass. Many times that girl used to be uncomfortable because of his behavior. You know we friends used to tell him to stop doing that because that girl was from a different community.

Somehow that girl also started responding him, perhaps his continuous efforts rewarded him. He was a genuine guy that’s why we friends were quite worries for him. I don’t know when this guy proposed her & both started dating. We always had had in our mind that their relationship is going to trouble all of us, because many such cases in India ends with a sad note.

So, we friends decided to talk to both of them. Surprisingly within just 2 months of their relationship we found that their bonding is strong & they are planning to marry.

Oh God! I decided to keep myself away from all these just to avoid the bad situation. Yes I stopped talking to both of them. Yes it was my fear for my safety.

A year later I heard that both of them has run away as families were not agreeing for their relationship. I was very tensed thinking that something bad is going to happen & we friends decided to search for these people but couldn’t find them. I left massages on Facebook & other social platforms but nothing was working out even there were no update from their accounts.

Approx. 6 months later somehow I came to know about them. I met them, they were not in very good condition. They were happy on what they did and equally updated too knowing that their families are going through multiple challenges because of them. Both had started working in a different city & different companies. Yes themselves were facing many challenges because of different religion, their choice of food, festivals & culture were totally different. Anyways I came back happy after seeing the happy.

After few months a night I got a call from my friend saying that they both were attacked by a community people & they are badly injured, my friend was in ICU & he was in coma. I was badly updated & angry too. Instead of going to hospital I alone went to girl’s family & started busting in them, but knowing the fact they all were & shocked and started to hue & cry. Oh God I realized that my friend’s family planned this attack.

I thought if leaving no one & rushed to hospital. I was late in reaching to hospital but after reaching there shocked to see my friend’s family there, I want to my friend’s father & started shouting on him badly. He slapped me & said he can’t even think to doing that to his son.

I was surprised what is happening & feeling sad. His father came to me & said they have launched a police complaint & police is investing the case. In some time family of that girl also reach hospital. I know it was a shock to all of us, somewhere I was happy seeing their family together & consoling each other. That was such a relief!

After some days everything went well, both the families were together & you know what! Police confirmed that the attack was done by some of the local political followers. Sad No!

Anyways I was happy seeing the happy ending!!!

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