10 reasons why you should look at Digital Marketing as career option

It’s almost two decades google search engine has been launched. Google hasn’t only changed the traditional marketing styles but also helped us in developing human brains. We Can’t imagine a day without using Google for searching something or using map for finding the shortest route. Google Drive & docs, Analytics, Webmaster, Adsence, Adword are some more tools of Google which have maximum utilization around the world,. For Digital Agencies using Google or it’s tools is almost a daily job!


Today all the Brands are adopting digital marketing & advertising styles. Advertising agencies also have adopted these techniques to meet the ongoing demand with intention of servings cost-effective results to their clients.
Yes, you got it right! Its happening because of increasing demand from the end users, who is now more tech seavy and using various online platforms like e-commerce & social websites to fulfill their needs.
Promotions & marketing through online channels are not only cheaper but also yield better results than traditional marketing because the target audience penetration is more measurable & effective. Also, the time taken to prepare for a brand campaign is much lesser than the traditional marketing.


When demand is increasing for these marketing techniques then of course the job opportunities in the market are simultaneously growing at a higher rate. In next 10 years, digital marketing & e-commerce sectors will have highest jobs in India & abroad. I recommend a graduate to look at the option of digital marketing as a career because of these 10 reasons

1. Easy to learn

If you have a basic qualification & capabilities of grasping the knowledge from the Internet, trust me you need not to spend money in taking a degree or doing any course in digital marketing. You just need to search on Google, learn, experiment & become a master of it.

2. Easy job options

For beginners, there are multiple easy & basic jobs available in the market because every digital agency or e-commerce company is looking out for freshers to do basic jobs in SEO, Social Media, SEM, Data Management etc.

3. Your awareness

Without doing any course you are using digital platforms like Google, Facebook, Amazon etc. and these are part of your routine life. Am I right!!! Then this much is sufficient to start with your career in Online Marketing.

 4. Required at both end

A Digital Managers are required at both sides whether at Client side or Agency side. Once you have good knowledge of all digital techniques you can choose to be an instructor or executor. Usually, brands prefer to recruit people with agency background knowing the fact that an agency guy must have worked for a number of brands.

5. No Specialization required

As I stated earlier also you need not to have a 3-4 year degree or specializations required. Don’t misunderstand this statement. You have to have basic knowledge, which you can gain from Google.

6. Excellent Growth

This is an industry which is giving fastest growth to youngsters I believe. I have seen people growing from Executive to President level in few years.

7. Higher Remuneration

Today e-commerce & digital companies are paying high salaries & perks to their employees because they themselves are growing at a high & study rate.

8. Job Security

This industry ensures you much better job security than other industries like IT, Banking & Insurance, Finance, FMCG etc. Because digital companies are facing talent crunch & even after providing all the facilities they are finding it difficult to retain employees who are moving for better salaries & growth. So this time these companies are insecure not employees.

9 Digital is Future

We are living now in a digital era! E-commerce, Mobile app marketing, Artificial Intelligence, Social Media are the future. Users are spending most of their time in using digital gadgets like Mobile & Laptop not TV, Newspapers or Radio which earlier used to be the marketing channels. Now it’s Digital, I agree that alternatives will come for mobile & laptop too but that also would be a digital gadget & for next few years I don’t see the anything replacing these gadgets.

10 immense opportunities

Today internet is reaching out to every corner of the world through the smartphone. But there are millions of people still left to experience the digital in the world. Think for next 10 years when these people or target audience for brands will join the league, how many more opportunities will be created in the market.


I strongly recommend digital marketing as a career option but yes first you have to look at your interest areas. Don’t forget you will only excel in the field if you enjoy working hard in that. This field requires lots of study & brain and that too sitting with your laptop or mobiles. Nothing is mechanical here everything starts with putting up your logic.

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